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  • Pushin' Up Daisies Blog

    Pushin' Up Daisies Blog


    Syndicated columnist Tracy Renee Lee, FDIC, Queen City Funeral Home, offers a weekly bereavement article and mid-week grief brief to share information and encouragement with those who have suffered a loss.

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  • Hearing Heroes

    Hearing Heroes

    The loss of hearing is a serious condition.  It is the third most common health problem in the U.S.  Nearly 36 million Americans now report hearing loss.  When hearing is compromised, quality of life and relationships are likewise compromised.

    Hearing Heroes is located at Queen City Funeral Home. Mike Lee, Audioprosthologist, accepts appointments Monday through Friday. 

    To schedule a free hearing screening, please call (903) 244-5117

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  • Pushin' Up Daisies Books

    Pushin' Up Daisies Books

    You will outlive many people in your life for whom you will grieve deeply. Loved ones whom you will miss terribly. The injustice, loneliness and pain will seem unbearable. Often you may feel that you can't go on without them. You may wonder if there will ever be an end to your sorrow. You may feel that there is no hope.

    My dear friend, there is hope. 

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  • Bee Healthy

    Bee Healthy

    Natural health for a balanced, blissful life.

    Carrie Carree has a vast knowledge and 28 years of experience in natural healing. She is a presenter at the Annual Cass County Women's Conference. She offers classes with easy tips to improve your health, as well as private counseling for life changing habits.  

    Bee Healthy, One Day at a Time is located at Queen City Funeral Home.  To schedule a coaching consultation with Carrie, please call (850) 529-5005 Read more