In our fast paced lives, we can kind of loose sight of what is important when it comes to our health. It is nothing for us to help out a friend or relative who is sick but when it comes to ourselves, we add it to our to do list.  Activities like going to the gym, eating better or pampering yourself with a massage from time to time, seem to rest on the back burner.
As a health coach, I see many people who put taking care of themselves off till its all most too late. No one needs a doctor to tell them they are unwell we already know this for ourselves. I have never talked to a client who is shocked that they are having a health crisis, why is that? Because most people think they will start tomorrow to take care of themselves, and for some tomorrow never comes. Obviously, if the food you have been eating was not the best or if you live off of fast food, soda, and sweets, one day these substandard foods will cause your death.  You must open up our eyes and slow down.
I have been helping people for the past 30 years, and one thing I have learned is that tomorrow doesn't wait for a good time to come.  It would, therefore, be better for us to stop and make a list of what is important to us, like living a long healthy life free of disease. How does one go about that?  Begin by listing what you are eating everyday, how much time each week do you spend time moving your body, what about the body care we apply on our bodies.  Do not forget your spiritual side.  Are you exercising it?  These are just a few things I look at, and I would encourage you to start your list of evaluation today.
Food: is what your putting into your body good for you, is it a whole food not processed, is it organic free of pesticides, do you look to food that's not GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)  and one last thing to think about, how are you preparing your food, things like the way you cook to the oils you use are all very important.
Physical Activity: Now not everyone like to run marathons, some of us prefer to walk, and that's fine. The thing is we just need to start moving our bodies and over time work on the art of exercise.  I walk three days a week about 4 miles each time, one a week I do Tai Chi and Qi Gong, and I try to work in a few days on my rebounder. Now if you have not worked out in a while you may want to take it slow.
Spirituality: Now this is different for everyone, but I would ask that you look within yourself and reflect on what Spirituality means to you, for many it's full-time membership in a church and for others it's spending time walking down a beach somewhere thinking about the meaning of life. Whatever it is for you I would say make it a part of your daily life.
Career: Most people spend 40-60 hours a week at work, if you start working at 18 and retire at 62 this means you will spend somewhere around 90,000 plus hours working. It's vital that you enjoy what you do, and it's never too late to change careers. 
Relationships: Is the relationship you are in is it a healthy one? If not work on fixing it. Everyone should try to find happiness with the people they spend time with, living with the wrong person is like giving up a part of yourself.
You only have this one life why not make it the best life ever!! When you work on these five areas of your life, you will find a greater meaning of happiness and peace and what comes out of that is HEALTH.