History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.


At QC Funeral Home, we take the time to make each service as unique and personal as your loved one’s life.  Moreover, we do this while honoring budget limitations.  We offer pre-need funding solutions and accept most existing pre-arrangement plans and insurance policies from other funeral homes, other areas and other states.  We offer traditional funerals and modern funerals, as well as traditional and modern cremation services.

We are a wonderful alternative for families who have traditionally settled for the only funeral homes our area had to offer.  At Queen City Funeral home, we offer traditional services, but we add greater care and comfort to our families at a fraction of the standard cost.  Our facilities are fresh, clean and modern; our services celebrate your loved one's life, highlighting the wonderful and unique contributions they made while living.  Our staff is courteous, bright and friendly.

We are located in the peaceful village of Queen City, Texas, just 18 miles south of Texarkana TX and immediately north of Atlanta TX.  Our funeral home sits in the middle of a working pecan grove.  It is a peaceful, serene and beautiful setting.  It is quite possible to save over half on your funeral expenses by using Queen City Funeral Home as compared to other area funeral homes.  

If you need your service in Texarkana or a surrounding area, our friendly staff will arrange a wonderful service for your loved one and offer you the option to use our lovely chapel, your church or any other venue within your local area.  The possibilities are limitless, but your money is not.  At Queen City Funeral Home, we realize this and we keep our costs reasonable.

We accept life insurance and  pre-need insurance from other funeral homes as payment, as well as cash, check, and credit cards.  For those wishing to plan ahead, offer a wonderful insurance pre-need and estate-planning program that provides great saving opportunities to you and your beneficiaries.  Call us and save today.  

Queen City Funeral Home is family owned and operated by a decorated combat veteran.  In honor of US Veterans, Queen City Funeral Home places special emphasis on Veteran’s funeral ceremonies.  We incorporate military traditions and ceremonial honors to express appreciation & gratitude to those who have sacrificed for the preservation of our freedom.  

Queen City Funeral Home also offers free hearing exams within its walls.  We house a hearing aid center with a licensed audioprosthologist for your convenience.  Hearing Hereos offers substantial savings on prescribed hearing aids.  

We are also very active within our community at large.  We host an educational Women’s Conference, a live nativity, and a children’s fall fairy festival annually.  We also support and participate in other community-based and educational activities throughout the year.  

Our funeral director, Tracy Renee Lee, is a Certified Grief Counselor, multi-state Licensed Funeral Director, Author, and Freelance Writer.  She writes books, weekly bereavement articles, and mid-week grief briefs related to understanding and coping with grief.  Tracy’s writings are published in well over 3,000 newspapers and several magazines nationwide.  It is her life's work to comfort the bereaved and help them live on. 

Pioneer Heritage

As an Arklatex pioneer descendent, Tracy invites others to visit her family’s pioneer cabin on permanent display at LSU Shreveport.  “After a knee injury in the civil war, my great great grandfather Thomas G. Zylks moved his family from Bienville Parrish, Louisiana to Cass County, Texas in 1868.  We are a long standing, proud Arklatex family.  Our goal from the beginning has always been, to serve our people better than they have previously been served.  My husband and I actually live inside of Queen City Funeral Home.  I invite others to experience our family’s history by visiting the Zylks cabin at LSU and our funeral home in Queen City.  Thorough this journey, you will witness the modernization of a southern pioneer family of humble means, continuing its quest, to serve and improve our region for the generations that follow.”  (Tracy Renee Lee, 2011)

We extend a personal invitation to you; your family and your friends to stop by and visit with us at 421 Loop 236 in Queen City Texas.  You may also contact us by phone anytime, day or night, at (903) 796-9669.  Please follow our blog at http://pushin-up-daisies.blogspot.com/ and visit our website at www.QueenCityFuneralHome.com.  

Our Valued Staff

Tracy Renee Lee

Tracy Renee Lee, Owner & Managing Funeral Director

My name is Tracy Renee Lee. I am the owner and managing funeral director at Queen City Funeral Home. I am an author, syndicated columnist, and professional speaker. I write books and weekly bereavement articles related to understanding and coping with grief. I am the American Funeral Director of the Year Runner-Up and recipient of the BBB’s Integrity Award. I deliver powerful messages and motivate audiences toward positive recovery. It is my life's work to comfort the bereaved and help them live on.

If you are confused and would like information that is easy to understand and apply to your grief experience, please go to my new bereavement website, www.MourningCoffee.com. I have posted 100 very short, understandable and helpful "Grief Briefs" for you to listen to and watch. I also have my bereavement books posted there if you would like a copy for your very own personal collection.

As a syndicated columnist, I write for over 3000 newspapers and magazines nationwide. I also write for special publications and electronic media. My stories are also posted on www.MourningCoffee.com.City Funeral Home.

Mike Lee

Mike Lee, CEO

My name is Mike Lee. I am a Retired U.S. Navy Hovercraft Pilot / Flight Instructor, Political Strategist and professional speaker. For information on booking speeches, go to www.MikeLeeSpeaker.com and find me on Facebook / Mike Lee in Queen City

Mike and Tracy married during his military career. Together they own Angel Shots Photography and Queen City Funeral Home. Mike is a retired Navy Hoovercraft Pilot, Master Photographer, Radio Talk Show Personality and an Audioprosthologist. Mike offices and operates his hearing services out of Queen City Funeral Home.

Marie Plum

Marie Plum, Family Services Coordinator

Marie is a dear treasure for the Queen City Funeral Home. Her loving personality and desire to serve make her the perfect Family Services Coordinator. She also specializes in office management and pre-need insurance.


Buttercup "Butter", Therapy Dog

Butter is our Grief Therapy Dog at Queen City Funeral Home. She comes out on visitation night to socialize with our guests. She is very friendly and loves everyone. She helps to make people feel better when they are at the funeral home. Butter also visits people in nursing homes and around town. She loves to visit and share love.